Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Let's Heat Things Up Like A Giant Laser...

Wow, thank you so much everyone for your participation so far! I hope you're all having as much fun joining in the contest as I am running it. Currently I'm thinking I could get used to being a diabolical mastermind... *buys fancy office chair and hairless cat and starts perusing the real estate pages for a rent-to-own lair*...

Anyway, just an update on the scores to heat things up a bit. I know the contest is a raffle but at the moment the number of entries per person ranges from two to... *inserts pinkie into corner of mouth*... one meeeellion entries.

I mean about thirty two.

So don't forget to follow the blogs for five entries per blog, keep on critiquing and throw in some RT's too for your best chance to win. Only two people have spotted the mystery mistake so keep an eye out for that for another extra entry. Plus there's still almost a week to go, so send me your 500 words or less for some well deserved feedback.

And here are the critique entries so far to make things a little easier for you (because who said evil geniuses can't have a soft side?).

Entry no. 13  The Butterfly Effect
Entry no. 12  Beneath the City of Lights
Entry no. 11  The Watershed
Entry no. 10  Vis Decor: Alphi
Entry no. 9    Valkyrie Mist
Entry no. 8    Shadows of Destiny
Entry no. 7    Don't Blink
Entry no. 6    Averagely Extraordinary
Entry no. 5    Doppled in Grey
Entry no. 4    Look At Me
Entry no. 3    The Hourglass Bridge
Entry no. 2    The Fall of the Kings
Entry no. 1    Abandon

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