Help For (Book) Marketing Junkies

I’m an advertising addict and I love sharing anything to do with platform building and DIY marketing. In fact if you’re an author/blogger/person-with-a-big-and-preferably-not-crazy-idea, I want to work with you on exciting new ways to get your writing out there. Check out a few of my previous posts on marketing, including the different competitions and promotions I’ve run in the past, and if they sound like your cuppa' tea then click the subscribe by email box down to your right (fear not, good citizens of the internet - I only blog about once a week so your inbox is safe with me). You can also find me on twitter, (where I'm @katherineamabel, the canary yellow, bank-robbing Santa) or on Goodreads.  

Kat the Christmas burglar says old posts
are way better than new toys, right?

Penguins and Blog Followers: A Study
How to gain loyal blog followers, featuring the Follow-Swap Blog Hop.

On Cover Design, DIY Marketing & the Personification of Butt Cheeks...
Interview with author Donna Hosie, and prelude to the popular "Butt Cheeks Giveaway".

Dodgy Spies With An Awesome Prize: A 25 Page, Author Critique...
An interactive, mystery-solving contest to promote Kelley York’s NA novel, Hollowed.

Interview With A Blog-pire, Part 1
The first in a series of interview with successful bloggers, featuring blogger extraordinaire Brenda Drake.

Interview With A Blog-pire, Part 2
Starring Aimee L. Salter, blogger for YAtopia and creator of Seeking The Write Life. 

Insert-Dramatic-Music-And-Epic-Drumroll-For... The Official, HOLLOWED Cover Reveal...
My first foray into blog tours.

Telsales Tips to Hook Readers - 2. Pitch It Before You Post It... AND Telesales Tips to Hook Readers - 1. Nobody Likes A Survey...
Lessons learned from my years’ experience as a tele-sales coach.

Critique Session - And Giveaway!
A unique contest where entrants gain extra points in the prize draw by submitting work for critique and critiquing others. Everybody wins!

The Super Spud Interview, And How To Win A Super Prize
Interview with author Michael Diack on small press publishing and marketing, and a create a flavor contest to win a cameo in his next book.


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  2. Wahoo, another author ready to be hourglassed! (Yes I'm making up my own adjective, what of it?) :P