About Me: Glass Eater, Puppy Fearer & Counter of Things

I (Katherine Amabel, to be exact), am an aspiring author soon to query my YA fantasy, The Hourglass Bridge. I also spend an annoyingly large part of my day having a job – one in which I’m a tele-sales coach for a wealth management and life insurance company. It’s actually not that bad – I love marketing and teaching and my role allows me to do both. And while I’m ranting about me, here’s an ice-breaker straight from my new-hire training schedule. It’s called two truths and a lie. See if you can guess what’s what:

  • I once wound up in hospital because I ate a glass Christmas bauble for a dare.
  • I have such an overactive imagination that sometimes when I’m home alone, I convince myself that my puppy is actually the devil and have to put her outside because I’m scared.
  • I count my brushstrokes when I clean my teeth, but it has to be counted out in four lots of eight at a time (to a total of 608 strokes), and if there’s music playing I can’t do it.

Think you’ve got it worked out? Good. Let’s move on to something that makes me sound a bit more normal, shall we? Let’s see… I’m a goat farmer? Nope, yokel. I play mandolin in a band with my dad? Ugh, even worse. I hate the cold and yet whenever the weather turns terrible I get homesick for my English home-town? (Okay, that’s not weird, it’s stupid).

It seems like the only typical, young person thing I’ve ever done is travel the world before going to university, then drop out after a year (no offense to all my scholarly friends!). I studied music business and graphic design, and now I’m taking my passion for marketing and book promotion to a blog near you. This one, to be exact. And as if my remarkably boring life hasn’t been enough to make you follow my twitter me @katherineamabel or subscribe by email, I’ll also throw in a picture of my puppy (who is by no means the devil).

Suspect A: Disturbingly cute puppy.

And now for the answers. The truth is I never ate a Christmas bauble for a dare. I just ate one because I was one year old and my parents clearly aren’t very responsible. I did once eat a chilli for a dare on the school bus, and what did I gain? Two hours of shivering and a disgustingly running nose, and I remained the nerdiest kid in school.
I guess some things will never change.

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