Friday, 8 February 2013

Customizing Your Blog Link Colors: A HTML Tutorial

You know the feeling when you land on a blog and can’t help thinking ‘wow, this site has such a well designed theme it must belong to a professional the likes of Steven King and without even reading a word I know I must follow it’?

Maybe I just don’t get out enough.

Anyway, part of the wow factor on many blogs is the way everything matches. So today’s post, which follows on from my post on free design tools for creating awesome header pics, is about strengthening your design by color-matching your link and heading colors with your header. It's over at my new blog - Enjoy!

Would you know how to get the exact code for your desired text color? It's actually very easy, and I've included instructions for both Paint.Net, an extremely useful, free design program pictured above, as well as regular Microsoft Paint. Have fun!

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