Thursday, 10 January 2013

Designer's Choice Part 2: A Paint.Net Tutorial For Creating Awesome Headers

In my post on free design tools I mentioned a nifty little program called Paint.Net, and today I'm sharing a few, specific tricks for those ready to create their own header images. Want to fix a blurred image? Magically erase an unexpected photo-bomber? Turn a fairly ordinary image into a professional header? No worries!

From my holidays in Ireland. All images are copyrighted to me,
so if you want to use them, let me know. :)

Hmmm... a possible sequel to my current blog? P.S. To give the header a
nostalgic feel I went Color - More - and increased the transparency to around 30%

You can do all this, and more, and it's surprisingly easy. The full post is over at my new blog, so please check it out and follow, because after January I'll no longer be posting to this blog. Thanks!

P.S. Just to whet your curiosity, here are some of the common image issues I've looked at in the full post.

My image doesn’t have the crispness I need.

I don’t want crispness. I write fantasy – my pictures have to be dreamy!

My image needs to be black and white - but how do I stop it from becoming dull?

I write historical. I need my picture to look really old fashioned.

How do I apply an effect to only part of my image?

The Lasso Tool
The Magic Wand Tool

I’ve photographed the most beautiful scene ever imaginable, but I’ve accidentally included the top of someone’s head!

And lastly, how do you use all these tools to turn this...

into this...?

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