Sunday, 1 July 2012

Critique Contest Now Closed

Wow, the contest is officially over! I just want to take a second to thank you all for your enthusiasm and support and say how thrilled I am at what we managed to achieve together. Things took off in a way Lisa and I never could have expected – my blog hits went from tens to thousands, my inbox was flooded with twitter email notifications, and my mum genuinely thought we’d become online stars (although given that she once declared that my sister’s homemade youtube video had ‘gone viral’ after it received 300 hits, mostly from her, I didn’t exactly start practicing my autograph).

Anyway, I hope you all had as much fun as I did. And now, on to the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Unfortunately Lisa has had to go away for a few days, and I need her statistics on entries before I can run the draw, so I’ll have to ask for your patience for a little bit longer. In the meantime there are a few entries in the critique session I didn’t get to look at and I know Lisa has some catching up to do too, so keep an eye out for more feedback and we’ll announce the winner as soon as possible.

Thanks again!


  1. Hi Katherine - thanks for hosting the competition it was fun to be part of. Your Mum sounds awesome by the way - everyone needs a Mum or Aunt to make you feel like you've gone viral! Tell her if she feels like she would like to stalk another blog, mine is also new and feeling a bit bereft! LOL.

  2. Great idea with the contest. Thanks for letting me be involved. I would love to read more from the authors, so please keep in touch:
    You guys and gals have helped me revise my book and make it better. Good luck to you all.

  3. Haha no worries Raewyn, I'll put her onto it. I certainly hope everyone does keep in touch - and I plan to do something like this in again so keep an ear out. :D